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Hi, I am “Dr. Sherry” Blake and I would like to welcome you to my website and to my digital practice. I am a licensed clinical
psychologist offering both virtual psychological services and unique on-location concierge services to a variety of
populations. One of my greatest compliments was from a patients years ago when she stated, “You are not like the other
doctors….you listen to what I say without judging me”. Not only do I listen to my patients, I truly “hear” their challenges and
emotional pain. I work with individuals to develop solutions for their most challenging life transitions. I am passionate about
empowering people, especially women, to overcome emotional obstacles that keep them stuck. I help women understand the need
for self-care and finding their voice in relationships. I believe that once you are equipped with the right emotional tools, you can
resolve issues and move forward with life to reach your full potential.            

                                                                            – Dr Sherry

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Meet  Dr Sherry

Dr. Sherry Blake, is one of the most highly sought-after media experts in the area of mental health in the country. Dr. Sherry has been featured on numerous primetime networks, radio, and print media including CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and HLN.
Dr. Sherry has authored two books “The Single Married Woman” and her latest “Care for The Caregiver… Surviving the Emotional Rollercoaster.” She currently curates content for AARP, one of the largest circulation publications in the United States. As a result of her work in the media, she reaches millions of viewers that allow them to see the value of mental health services.

Dr. Sherry is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years and over 100,000 hours of direct and indirect service. Dr. Sherry successfully combines her direct style, skilled techniques, and a touch of humor to make talking with her non-threatening and her presentations outstanding. She works with everyone from top celebrities in the entertainment, news, and sports arena to everyday people.

Dr. Sherry earned both her Master of Science & Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. She has served on numerous Boards of Directors and as the former President of the Metropolitan Atlanta Mental Health Association.


Dr. Sherry has become “the” 21 st century mental health guru. Her unconventional techniques and nonconformist approach to mental wellness has transformed the lives of dozens of celebrities, high profile professionals, and everyday individuals right before our very eyes. She is an amazing therapist that seems to have a gift for changing combative, unapproachable, and ratchet behavior. She has definitely become a person of interest in this day and age. Move over Dr. Phil and Iyanla!


– Ruthie R.

Since meeting Dr. Sherry, she has truly changed my life by providing me with wisdom and therapy as I began to suffer through bouts of depression. Dr. Sherry was the first person who made me realize that I didn’t have to continue to wear the face of the strong Black woman. She allowed me to take off my “Superwoman Cape” and freed me from the burden and responsibilities of thinking I had to carry everyone else’s weight. It felt as though she gave me permission for the first time in my life that I could “truly” say no without having the guilt, and for that, I am now clear, focused and living in my purpose. Dr. Sherry, I applaud you for your commitment to the issues of mental wellness and giving us all permission to change a course, change a life, change a generation.


– Paula W.

My experience with Dr. Sherry was priceless, her wit and expertise made one of the toughest times in my life one of the best. Dr. Sherry literally gave me the strength and will to fight again. From fear to faith sums up my time with Dr. Sherry, I can, I will and I shall live fearlessly and intentionally


– Susan R.



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